6 Basic Skills You Need To Teach a Child Under 13

basic skills your child must learn

Dear parents, instill useful skills in children while possible. Because when a child enters the teenage stage, it is much more difficult to instill new skills. A teenager is a walking tangle of contradictions and chaos in the head. Save him in this difficult time for him from educational notations. And family life will become calmer and more harmonious. Consequently, it is important to teach your child these 6 basic skills before they become a teenager.

Adolescence begins at the age of 13. At this stage, children grow up, they have their own views on life. Former kids should be prepared for a difficult age. To make it easier for them to adapt and survive the adolescent crisis, they need to learn some skills. Introduce your children to online stem classes. Research shows that stem education helps children learn important life skills, especially budgeting and handling money. We have prepared the most important ones.

Basic Skills to be taught to a child under 13.

1. Time planning

time management

Until adolescence, you can help your child wake him up and get him ready for school. But then you need to prepare him for the fact that this responsibility will fall on his shoulders.  Children of this age should get up on their own and prepare themselves for school without outside help.

Time management training is a tricky aspect. Allow the children to experience the consequences of their own actions at least once when they oversleep and do not get to school or training. As a result, the teacher will be angry, and the coach will be punished for violation of discipline. It will not be like the feeling of being scolded by your parents. Such a life lesson will be stronger and help them become accountable for their actions and manage their time effectively. 

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2. Making decisions

The child must learn to choose from several options, make decisions and predict the result. Teach him to say no when needed. You don’t want your toddler to become an adult that everyone drives. Of course, you need to help others, but not when it is to your detriment.

He must also understand and accept different opinions , and not believe there is only his thought and the wrong one.

Decision making skills are one of the most important soft skills your child should learn before they turn into a teenager. 

3. Polite communication

basic skills a child should learn

Another one of the basic skills you must teach your child is being polite with others. If a teenager wants to be perceived as an adult, he must speak to elders with respect. It seems that at this age it is impossible to teach a rebel the rules of communication. But this is not so, the main thing is the correct approach.

Do not teach, but show how you need to by your example. Do not say: “You do not understand anything, you are still small.” Ask him to explain his point of view.

4. Housekeeping

The teenager is also a member of the family, so he must do some of the chores around the house.  Until the age of 13, a child should know how to turn on the washing machine, clean up things and dishes after themselves, and also wash a cup after themselves.

It’s a good idea to teach your child how to cook main meals for themselves and family members. Of course, everything should be done with the parents.  Only by example and concrete actions can you develop a sense of responsibility in your baby.

Sometimes it is easier for mothers to postpone homework training for later, since it is easier and faster for them to do everything themselves. Still, you should let your child help you.

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5. Responsibility

The best way to teach a child responsibility is to have a pet.  Your child will tell you about this desire. In this case, you need to talk to him and tell him that the animal is not a toy, and they need to look after it: clean up, walk, feed.

At first, the child cannot do without parental help, control and advice. Therefore, having acquired an animal, do not tell the child: “You wanted – we acquired it, so study, otherwise we will throw it out on the street or give it away.” In this way, you only instill in the child indifference to our smaller brothers. This does not lead to anything good. Responsibility must be nurtured on positive aspects.

If you have small children in your family, you can ask a teenager to look after them. Not on a permanent basis.

6. Ability to handle money

basic skills of money management

Few children know how to properly manage money. This is the fault of the parents, as well as the grandparents who love to pamper their grandson or granddaughter. The child receives money and spends it on anything. Therefore, you need to explain to him that money is not easy to earn and must be used wisely. And also a part can be set aside for a more serious purchase.

Present your child with a piggy bank, let some of your money set aside for the purchase of something more serious. Maybe he will not collect the entire amount, but the main thing is the process. When the piggy bank is full, take the money out of it and count it. Not enough – then you can report.

wrapping it up

Being a responsible parent, teaching your children these basic skills, like time management, decision making skills, and being responsible for their acts, will help them blossom into refined, and well balanced human beings.

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